Dating With Someone Married Before
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Dating With Someone Married Before

If you are thinking of getting involved in a relationship with a married man or before spending another day with him … Stop!


Please stop only 5 minutes to read the 7 points you should consider before going out with a married man. At least it can make you think twice or it will help you enormously to identify and exit if you are trapped in a toxic relationship.


These are the 7 things you should know:


  1. The reality is that he is married to another.

Try to conquer a married man can become a deadly trap, he has a house, a plan of life with another and that you cannot change, even if you want to attract a married man, you will always be the other and not the only one. How do you know if the same thing that he says to you, he says to others? If he did it to his wife, how do you know that he does not do the same to you?


Some women are looking for married men or that’s just the way they were, whatever the way you met them, this can be very dangerous, since you can end up losing love for them and if you are someone who does not want to compromise and only she is having fun, you could end up very hurt.


  1. He sleeps with his wife every night.

Yes…! While you are breaking your head and searching the Internet to fall in love with a married man, he sleeps with her, he also has relations with her, but it is at night, it will be in the morning or the next day (who knows) and although you Are you trying to build happy moments, passion and love by your side, even if you’re thinking how to make love to a married man to try to forget his wife, he sleeps every night with her and that you can not change, although you Say that you have nothing with her, it will always be a huge possibility, even in spite of all the techniques you have used to conquer it.



  1. It is not so easy to tell someone that you have a relationship with a married man.

If you tell a good friend, you may understand but in the end if it is really your friend may end up telling you how much you can get hurt from a relationship to try to seduce a married man, if your friendship is sincere and loves you, he will not let you hurt, in the end you will always be the other and maintain a double life is just for you or something that suits you, if you see that time passes and he does not do anything to be definitely with you.


  1. Obligations with your children or spouse will always be paramount.


Your family need mediators child issues in your life, whether you do dramas or you are head over heels, they will be the first thing, even if they continually complain that their marriage is the worst (they all say the same but do not leave their marriage),  do not sin of naive and do not trust the false promises until you give proof that is sincere . It is very easy to believe in what we want to hear but that does not mean that it is true and maybe you are a woman who is looking for a good, honest, loving and committed man, but think … are you finding him in the right person? If you do not want to suffer disappointments, do not let him dupe you with his talk.


  1. What will your friends and acquaintances think if they find out that you are dating a married man?

Rest assured that 9 out of 10 friends will tell another person, unfortunately, this type of secret fly, in the end, anyone could find out, including his wife and the worst! your family. If you are one of those single girls who dream of starting a family or you got divorced and you want to believe in love again after a breakup, do not let bad tongues hurt your image or your reputation.


  1. Is your dream to start a family and have children?


You could get pregnant therefore mediators child issues is necessary to seduce a married man and that does not give you the assurance that he would leave his family for you or your son and most likely end up growing up without a father by his side, asking why he is not with him?


Having him another family would not be so easy to handle the relationship with a married man who has no freedom of time so that he is also the father of your child and give him the company and coexistence he deserves to grow happy.


  1. If you get to decipher how to attract a married man and marry him …

In spite of everything a married man does not stop feeling that he is doing something bad, probably even if he broke his marriage for you, there will always be the shadow of the feelings of guilt for having abandoned his family. In some way, you will always be “the intruder, the other”. Falling in love with a married man is a double-edged sword, you may have the man you want, but do not expect their loyalty since their whole relationship was not based on this value.


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